Machine for large jobs

ATC machine for large jobs … 2000 * 4000 mm. Also available in standard version in size 2000 * 6000 mm and in special version 4000 * 6000 mm.

Equipped in this version with a straight tool changer with 6 seats but can be available with carousel changer with up to 20 seats as an option.

The machine can also be equipped with several different options:

  • Laser beams on 3 sides for extra protection
  • Large protection covering both spindle and toolchanger
  • Soft start for vacuum pump. Allows lower amps on fuse for mainly smaller shops.
  • Electronic control of vacuum zones
  • Drilling unit with 9 drills in X and Y direction.
  • Saw units for X and Y direction.
  • The machine can be provided with great protection over spindle and gantry as an option. It can also be equipped with laser beams for extra security.

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