Versatile ATC machine for most needs

Stably built ATC machine. Really fully welded frame guarantees that the machine holds a high industrial grade. The machine is made up of proven components of well-known brands. The machine has a large protective hood and can be equipped with laser bars, which allows an approved working environment for employees as well.

-Vacuum table with strategic T-slots for flexible clamping of materials

-Maximum milling working area 1300X2500 mm

-Automatic measurement and calibration of tools

– Manual vacuum valves as standard. Electronically controlled as an option

– Fully automatic central lubrication

– Tool changer up to 16 tools (Straight linear changer for 8 tools optional)

-Hand control for driving axles, programs incrementally etc.

Drill box

Our machines can be equipped with a drill box with 4 + 5 vertical drills as an option. It comes from HSD as the spindle motor. The box has a 32 mm pitch. Alternatively, the machine can be equipped with a drill box with horizontal / vertical drills as well as saw units.

The machine is CE marked and adapted to European conditions. It comes with a manual in English.

Spec sheet

The machine has a working range in X = 1500 Y = 3000 Z = 200. (Z can be higher as an option) It comes complete with a powerful vacuum pump that has an output of 5.5 kw as standard but is available with 7.5 kw as an option. The pump is a Becker copy and very reliable.

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