TTPB67K Pressbreak

CNC technique combined with power

The frame is made of steel structure, left and right vertical plate, worktable and pressure plate are welded into a whole structure. After welding, the internal stress is eliminated by tempering, so the whole steel is good and the stability is high.

The oil cylinder has been forged, Quenched and tempered, fine grinding, hard chromium plating and other processes, and with the import of sealing ring, the phenomenon of oil leakage in customerservice.

Integrated hydraulic system Bosch Rexroth Germany allows automatically switch to slow bends in a quickway.

Hydraulic synchronous control and E21 programmable logic controller ensure accurate repeat-ability and ease use.

X axis and Y axis realize accurate positioning function by frequency converter through NC E21 system programming control.

Bending frequency response hydraulic control technology, more stable machine tools, more reliable operation.

The best ratio of parameters, optimal core configuration ensure stable performance, more convenient operation.

The machine are built with components from well known manufacturers:

  • Hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth
  • Main motor from Siemens
  • Electronics from Schneider
  • Linearrailings from Hiwin

By default, the TTPB67K has a single-axis measurement system and single-axis bending system. Optional V-axis compensation can be offered which makes it easy to bend different complex shapes.

The machine is available in many different widths eg 2000, 2500 and 3000 mm as well as special dimensions. It is also available with optional pressing pressure, for example 80 tons, 100,120 160 tons.

The machine comes complete with a universal tool. Various tools according to your own drawing can be obtained at a good price.